Astrid & Stormfly (Selective Color Palette)

Morning Stretches. c:

Not sure how I came up with the concept, but hey, who wouldn’t want to stretch with a raccoon?

2 Versions of a T-Shirt design I made based off of Fallout: New Vegas’ DLC : Dead Money.

Rude & Disrespectful

A design I made for a friend of mine.
I can’t believe I spent over an hour on this. Hahaha.

Vanellope Von Schweetz doodle

I Spy Something Red

Based on a sketch of Marvel’s Black WidowI did a few years back. 

"Party Like A Lady" || "Party Like A Sir"

Graphic Designs. Just for fun. :)

Let the storm rage on…

Elsa illustration. (Frozen 2013)

Do not disturb the locals.”

Another t-shirt concept. This one is based on Fallout: New Vegas’s DLC, Dead Money.

Elsa doodle. 

Trying out another style. 

Welcome to the Circus of Values!

SO proud of this piece. Based on the “Circus of Values” vending machine in the Bioshock games. 

Oasis" - Emily Alexander

The first of 12 paintings for AP art, and I’m super duper proud of it.

Took me a while to complete - but I think it turned out pretty swell. 

( Time for painting 2! )